Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup

August 15-18, 2019

Grays Harbor ORV Park - McCleary, WA.

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T he RYAN VILLOPOTO AMATEUR MOTOCROSS CUP (RVMXCup) is designed for amateur motocross racers with a renewed effort to offer an unparalleled class structure that brings fairness and equality to an all-new high. Developed by Tom Shields of Riding Racing Youth Development, L.L.C. (RRYD), the “RV Cup” is to places grassroots riders on the world stage. Adding Ryan Villopoto’s personally track at Grays Harbor ORV completes what will be a world-class amateur motocross event.

Ryan Villopoto, Tom Shields (RRYD), and Bobby Nichols (Wasserman Media Group) L to R


Tom Shields came from a background of dirt track and grand prix road racing. With the motto “created to create”, Mr. Shields’ thinking is known to be unconventional. “Many think outside the box, I live outside it”. Managing director for Freestone Raceway properties … AMA Texas Winter Series & James Stewart Spring Championship, both are the largest of their kind in the Lone Star state, Mr. Shields brings that element of fairness and imagination.

R yan Villopoto resume stands above most everyone else ever in the history books. The four-time supercross and three-time motocross champion left the sport with an astounding 73 total AMA national wins combined. RV’s unquestionable influence on the motocross industry has brought him to a place to give back to a sport in a way that will be unmatched.

T he “RVMXCup” is catering to the youth audience. With the world’s motocross fans following Ryan, it is only fitting that the world’s top AMATEUR racers come where he grew up racing. While this event is for amateurs, the three parties involved in the “RV Cup” will treat the attendees and their families like anything other than amateurs.


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