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June 5, 2017 (Pala, California, USA) – When making plans to attend the Inaugural Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup at Pala Raceway from December 30th through January 2, 2018 on New Years weekend, it’s important to know how and when to get signed up.  While you can register at the track the weekend of the event, “early registration opens on November 1st and will remain open until December 18th.  Registration is limited so read carefully.

The November 1st date is important because classes are limited to the number of entries.  Each of the 35 standard classes are limited to 42 entries.  The “challenge” classes (aka: open classes) are limited to 60 entries.  There are a total of 8 Challenge classes. This will help run a structured program and eliminate a bunch of time consuming LCQ’s.  Basically, everyone who attends the RV Cup is guaranteed racing all the moto’s without having to qualify for a second moto.  There will be LCQ’s for the Challenge classes however most riders will be registered in other classes as well.

The standard classes themselves at the RV Cup are far from standard.  Here are the keys to know what makes the RV Cup unique to amateur motocross:

  • Starting at 4 years old, each standard class allows only 2 years in a class.  It keeps the ages balanced and fairer throughout each.
  • Classes overlap one year from age 5 through 15 (ie: 51cc (4-5); 51cc (5-6); 51cc (6-7); 51cc (7-8); 51cc (4-8) Challenge).  Keeping only 2 years of age in every class provides the opportunity for a rider to be the senior every year of their youth mini-cycle career.
  • Challenge classes provide an opportunity for younger riders to compare themselves against the seniors in their displacement division.
  • Since the event is on New Years weekend and the age effective date is January 1st, there is no age advantage.

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