Villopoto Places Name on Amateur Event in Southern California New Year’s 2018

Pala, California (January 6, 2017) – Riding Racing Youth Development (RRYD) and world Motocross champion Ryan Villopoto today announced the inaugural Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup (RV MX Cup) taking place at Pala Raceway on December 29, 2017 through January 2, 2018. This AMA-sanctioned event is set during a time that many eyes are on the single largest area of two-wheel sporting in the world: Southern California.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase amateur motocross racing near Anaheim, one of the hubs for motocross and Supercross,” said Villopoto. “Looking toward the next chapter of my career, I wanted to create a game-changing event that will grow the next generation of stars through a change in age group classes, safety precautions and track quality.”

“We are excited to chart a new course in our industry’s amateur circuit and create additional opportunities for young riders,” said Tom Shields of RRYD. “We aim to do this by offering championships for every age from five to 16 years without any gaps, allowing a rider to be the senior in a class every year.”

Villopoto’s management agency, Wasserman, has also come onboard to help launch the event. The agency’s broad list of sponsorship partners will further the event’s branding to help enhance the entire overall experience for everyone attending.

“We plan to partner with companies that want to interact with the families and riders to keep the activities going throughout the entire event,” said Wasserman Executive Vice President of Action Sports, Bobby Nichols. “The event and its attractions are built for entire families to come and enjoy together for years to come.”

The Pala Raceway facility previously hosted AMA Pro Motocross from 2010-2011 and big events are no stranger to the track. Since 2011, the Pala Tribe has given back to the sport by continuing to upgrade the facility for everyone’s enjoyment. For the RV MX Cup, the track will undergo a design change under Villopoto’s guidance, updating the track for both aesthetic design as well as safety purposes.

One of the critical factors in Villopoto’s event design and fairness will be a timed practice for every class of riders. By allowing riders to be gated by their lap times, riders will have the opportunity to know where they stand before racing ever starts. Safety is of the utmost concern, thus the RV MX Cup will conduct sight-laps for each and every class.

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Tom Shields, Riding Racing Youth Development (RRYD)