Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup

August 15-18, 2019

Grays Harbor ORV Park - McCleary, WA.

Supplemental Rules

Please read carefully below:

Download Supplemental Rules Dated: 10/2/2017

PDF       DOCX

  1. See Class Structure
    • Section 1 is located sepatately.
  2. General Event/Series Rules
    • AMA membership is required for all racers.
    • The Supplemental Rules supplement the 2017 AMA Amateur Rulebook.
    • AMA membership is available at the track or online at: http://www.amajoin.com/rryd
    • Limited Class requirements can be found in the AMA Rulebook Sec 1.2.B.
    • Any class without “limited” shown in the class name is considered “modified”.
    • This meet is a non-rain out event. The AMA Severe Weather Policy Appendix 6.3 will apply.
    • No qualifiers are needed to attend.
    • All skill levels are eligible to compete.
    • All areas of this meet at Pala Raceway are considered hot-pits thus every person entering Pala Raceway must sign a liability release.
    • This event does not offer rider medical insurance.
    • Every person on the grounds is required to wear an armband. If anyone is found not wearing one, that person will be charged for a full-price general admission armband.
    • All information shown in Supplemental Rules and Event Schedules are subject to change at any time without notice. Check revised dates.
    • Track direction is clockwise.
  3. Age Effective Date/Policy
    • Age effective date is January 1, 2018.
  4. Number Plates/Competition Number
    • All motorcycles must have contrasting number plates. Requirements below:
      • All classes must display approved front number plate header.
      • (Expert) White with Black numbers;
      • (Intermediate) Yellow with Black numbers;
      • (Novice) Black with White numbers;
      • All other classes may choose from one of (ii), (iii), or (iv).
    • Rider may choose personal competition numbers.
    • Rider’s competition number may only include numbers and up to three (3) digits from 1-999.
    • Only referee may change competition number.
    • No duplicate race numbers are allowed within the same class. Duplicate numbers will go to the rider who registered first.
  5. Minor Release Requirement
    • Notarized statement must be presented at the time of registration to clerk at tower.
    • Two copies (one for registration clerk and one for guardian/authorized adult) must be on hand. One copy must remain with registration clerk and the second copy must remain with guardian at all times.
    • Adult with minor must be prepared to show proof of identity and guardianship.
  6. Rider/Mechanic
    • Official Track Walk is at 4:00pm on Thursday, December 28, 2017.
    • It is mandatory to attend riders meeting. Riders/Mechanics meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 5:30pm at registration.
    • Random roll call of riders may be conducted during riders meeting.
    • Mechanics are required to attend Riders Meeting.
    • Riders must be wearing wristband to finalize registration.
    • Foreign or non-U.S. riders eligibility require approval from the AMA prior to participating in the event.
    • No foreign or non-U.S. rider is eligible for “C” Novice class.
    • Foreign and non-U.S. riders must contact AMA at mxracing@ama-racing.org or access the form request at: http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Racing/Story/motocross-rules-1
    • Any rider that goes through registration after the “official” riders meeting must receive a copy of the meeting in its entirety from the head clerk.
    • Mechanics will receive an armband at the time of registration to be permitted access to staging and the mechanics area.
    • Mechanics and Riders are responsible to adhere to “Starting Gates” procedures and policies (see Item #13).
    • Rider must enter and exit the track at designated area only.
    • It is the rider’s responsibility to listen to announcements for updates throughout the meet.
    • Only one mechanic per rider is allowed inside staging lanes, starting gate, mechanics area, and impound area.
    • All family and sponsors are welcome to join rider at track podium.
  7. Machine Eligibility
    • A “Stock” motorcycle in “Limited” class and a “Limited” motorcycle in any class is allowed.
    • Permitted modifications in Limited and Modified classes can be found in the “Limited Class Equipment Standards” section of the AMA Rulebook.
    • Class #1 – 50cc (4-6) Special Limited allows 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Eligible machines are limited to the following models:
      • Cobra P3, PW3 & GI
      • DRR DB50 Jr
      • Honda XR50 & CRF50
      • Kawasaki KDX50
      • KTM Mini Adventure, SX Mini
      • Suzuki JR50
      • Yamaha PW50 & TTR50
    • Honda CRF150R eligible for (class #):
      • (16) Girls (9-15)
      • (17) Mini Sr (12-13)
      • (18) Mini Sr (13-14)
      • (19) Mini Sr (14-15)
      • (20) Mini Sr (12-15) Challenge
    • Honda CRF150R (19″/16″) eligible for (class #):
      • (21) Super Mini (12-15)
      • (22) Super Mini (13-16)
      • (23) 125 (12-14)
      • (24) 125 (14-16)
      • (25) 125 (12-16) Challenge
      • (26) Women’s (12+)
  8. Registration
    • This event is “limited registration” thus once registration fills in a class, the remaining riders will be taken as alternates.
    • All classes are limited to 42 entries except for 60 entries in Challenge (aka: Open) classes.
    • Riders may enter up to five (5) classes.
    • Registration has three options:
      • Online;
      • US Mail;
      • Track.
    • Early registration is open from November 1st through Monday, December 18, 2017 (11:00pm).
    • Link: https://secure.tracksideonlineresults.com/rryd
    • US Mail registration (received by December 18, 2017) is offered by request to scoring@rvmxcup.com.
    • Early registration accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
    • Any racer needing to rent transponder must report to Transponder line before registration.
    • Post registration accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express or Cash.  No Checks.
    • To “finalize” race entry, ALL riders (to include parent/guardian if rider is a minor) is required to check in at registration to sign releases.
    • Riders and mechanics must be present at registration.
    • Riders must provide last 4 of VIN of every race bike.
    • Post-Registration opens at 12pm on Thursday, December 28, 2017.
    • Pre-entry race fees:
      • $80/class and $100/Pro Sport class.
    • Post-entry race fees:
      • $100/class and $120/Pro Sport class.
    • Class cancellation is $20 per class.
    • Cancellation refunds will be processed within 2 weeks after the event is complete.
    • No refunds after 7pm on Thursday, December 28, 2017.
    • Early registration is at www.RVMXCup.com.
  9. Pre-Entry Verification
    • Pre-entries posted at www.RVMXCup.com after early registration closes.
    • To insure you are pre-entered, go to the www.RVMXCup.com and under the “Results” button. Verify riders full name, class, competition number, brand of bike and residence (city/state) are correct.
    • If you do not find yourself online or you find a mistake in any of information, please email scoring@rvmxcup.com.
    • A $20 fee per class applies for class changes. Deadline for changes is at 7pm on Friday, December 29, 2017.
  10. Transponder
    • Transponder scoring is conducted by RRYD.
    • Rider must pick up transponder before reporting to finalize registration for practice and race.
    • Transponder fee is $40 rental plus a $100 refundable deposit and is mandatory to compete during event.
    • Only one transponder per rider is needed no matter how many classes rider is enters.
    • Rider/Mechanic must know transponder serial number to retrieve lap times from registration.
    • It is the responsibility of the rider to charge their transponder.
    • Transponders are available for rent or purchase during event at registration.
    • Rented Transponder must be returned after racing is complete for the weekend.
    • Additional questions can be answered at scoring@rvmxcup.com.
    • Transponder transaction is done only at track.
  11. Tech Inspection
    • After checked in at registration, rider must report to Tech Inspection tent.
    • Items to bring to TI must include:
      • Registration papers
      • Motorcycle (s)
      • Helmet – Snell 2010 or newer
  12. Timed Practice
    • Practice is scheduled for Friday, December 29, 2017.
    • Rider must be wearing gate wristband and transponder to enter track.
    • It will be the duty of the rider to ensure staging official has checked transponder before entering track.
    • Rider must enter track in the proper class with the proper bike to be scored for gate pick.
    • If rider’s transponder is not working, rider must return to registration for exchange.
  13. Starting Gates
    • Gates accommodate 42 riders.
    • If a hazard is identified in front of gate other than dirt, please advise official to render judgment to consider removing hazard.
    • Only officials, track workers and designated media are allowed in front of gates.
    • If Starting Blocks are used by rider, the mechanic must immediately remove blocks once gate is dropped.
  14. Race Format
    • Each day’s racing will begin at 7:30am.
    • The meet is a two (2) moto format.
    • Scoring is motocross format except below 14.e.
    • Final moto better score will break tie.
    • For “Challenge” classes scoring will be Supecross format (if divisions are needed).
    • 3-Moto format classes include:
      • 250 A Pro Sport
      • 450 A Pro Sport
    • If inclement weather occurs, referee may convert to a timed race.
  15. Sight Laps
    • Sight laps will be offered to 1st & 2nd moto’s.
    • A rider is not required to take sight lap.
    • No sight laps in LCQ Challenge classes.
  16. Impound Area
    • Top 10 from each class from each moto will be held inside impound area for up 10 minutes.
    • Only event officials, event referees, that classes rider, their bike and one mechanic are allowed in impound.
    • No work on the bike is allowed by anyone while inside impound area.
    • Riders that do not report to impounds may be disqualified.
    • All 50cc classes will have mandatory teardowns for 2 random places out of the Top 5.
  17. Protest
    • Any “VISUAL”, “TECHINCAL”, or “ADMINISTRATIVE” protest must be submitted in writing.
    • Protest form can only be acquired from registration clerk.
    • Protest must be filed at registration.
    • Decisions will be rendered in a timely manner.
    • All protest regarding scoring or administration must be filed within 30 minutes from the posted results time stamp.
    • Riders may compete under protest if no decisions have been rendered but still may be disqualified upon final decision.
    • If a bike should be protested, the bike in question may impounded and held until after the final moto of the day. Bike will be torn down at this time to determine to determine status.
    • The event referee may at any time, upon visual inspection, declare a bike illegal.
  18. Off-Track Testing
    • “Jetting” area will be identified by Referee at Riders Meeting.
    • Only racers registered for meet are allowed.
    • Race bikes are only vehicles allowed.
    • Proper race safety gear must be worn.
    • Hours of operation are 7am-5pm.
    • Rider must be accompanied by mechanic.
  19. Purse Payouts
    • Payouts per moto – (1st-10th) $6,000 Pro Purse.
      • 250 A Pro Sport
      • 450 A Pro Sport
    • $300, $200, $140, $90, $70, $60, $50, $40, $30, $20
    • If field is less than 20 entries per class, then 50% of field will be paid out.
    • Each position payout will not change due to number of entries, only how far back purse is paid.
  20. Factory Contingency
    • Riders competing for factory contingency must fill out event registration form with correct brand of motorcycle in order to receive OEM payout.
    • Promoter may visually verify rider with bike brand.
    • Rider is responsible to register with manufacturer for factory contingency when applicable.
  21. Awards Ceremony
    • Top 10 from Amateur classes receive awards.
    • Top 3 from Pro Sport classes receive awards.

Time Stamp:
10/2/17 12:30 PM

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